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May, 2010:

UAL members vote for action

Please see below the message that went to all members at UAL concerning the excellent ballot result:

To UCU members at University of the Arts London


The results of the UAL UCU ballot for industrial action that closed earlier today are as follows:

Are you prepared to take industrial action consisting of strike action?

Number of votes cast in the ballot:  307

Individuals answering “Yes” to the question: 208

Individuals answering “No” to the question: 98

Spoiled voting papers: 1

Are you prepared to take industrial action consisting of action short of a strike?

Number of votes cast in the ballot:  307

Individuals answering “Yes” to the question: 250

Individuals answering “No” to the question: 54

Spoiled voting papers: 3

This constitutes 68% in favour of strike action and 82% in favour of action short of strike. It is a strong mandate for action and an endorsement of UCU’s demands in the current dispute.

Your branch negotiators have been seeking to resolve the dispute for months now without any sign of movement from management.

UAL management have continued with a series of course closures and reorganisations without due or sensible regard to the views and concerns of staff and students.

This ballot result demonstrates the strength of feeling against management’s failure to address our concerns or to negotiate a sensible and lasting resolution to the dispute. Hopefully, in the light of this result, management will now realise that they cannot continue imposing cuts and reorganisation without full and meaningful consultation and negotiation with UCU and the other recognised trade unions.

We remain available for negotiations on UCU’s three demands:

Withdrawal of compulsory redundancy notices.

A review of course closures to date and an agreed protocol for future course reviews.

A properly negotiated and fair redundancy agreement with no reduced terms

The UAL UCU co-ordinating committee will meet later today to consider the next steps and has called an








  This is a very important meeting

 Please make every effort to attend

General Meeting – 5pm, Wednesday 19 May

The University of the Arts UCU Co-ordinating Committee are calling a meetings for all UCU members at UAL. It will be held on Wednesday 19 May at 5pm at the Cochrane Theatre, Southampton Row, WC1B 4AP (nearest tube: Holborn)

This will be an opportunity to discuss the result of our industrial action ballot and any action we may take. Make sure your voice is heard. Make sure you come along to this meeting.


Thanks for your support,

UAL UCU Co-ordinating Committee

Why we are balloting – a reminder

Here’s our leaflet, which explains more about why we’re balloting and why it’s so important to vote:


Please see below a message from the UAL UCU Campaign Committee. Remember, TODAY is the last time you can vote. Please get your paper in the post today as the ballot will close at 12pm tomorrow.

Dear colleagues,

This is an urgent reminder to VOTE YES to support your union at UAL.

We need all members to use their voices to send a clear message to our management that it must negotiate properly with us.

We have endured this damaging, destructive and mishandled ‘efficiency programme’ for too long.

We want to stop the compulsory redundancies and win a proper review of the programme’s impact. We want a properly negotiated redundancy agreement. We want to defend the quality of the arts education we deliver. And we want to build a culture in which management properly consults with and involves staff and in which it strives for agreement with trade unions. But management are not listening.

If we are to make any progress, we need you to speak out now.

That’s why we’re asking you to VOTE YES to BOTH strike action and action short of a strike. This will give us all the options we need and send a clear message to management. 

Time is now very short. the ballot closes on Tuesday at 12pm, so we urge you to get your ballot paper in the post TODAY.  


OUR CAMPAIGN BLOGSITE: You can read more on this campaign and download campaign resources, by visiting the campaign blogsite here:

Tony Sullivan

Kyran Joughin

(UAL UCU Campaign committee)

Greg Barnett, UCU Regional Official

VOTE YES to support your union – a message from UCU general secretary Sally Hunt

Please see below a message from UCU general secretary Sally HUnt, circulated to members at UAL yesterday:

Dear colleague, 

I am writing to ask for your help. Most of you will have received your ballot papers by now. Please use your vote to support your negotiators’ efforts to protect jobs. 

The rector, Nigel Carrington, appears intent on pressing ahead with a redundancy programme that we believe is causing and will continue to cause immense damage to the University of the Arts and its colleges, as well as forcing many of you and your colleagues out of their posts.
You have so much to be proud of at UAL. You have a global reputation for delivering high quality arts education. Yet that reputation is suffering badly under a management that currently refuses to engage with UCU and your negotiators’ proposals.

These cuts will affect everyone at UAL. Some colleges have already been hit and more than 100 colleagues have already lost their jobs. More are under threat of redundancy now and it is clear that no one in any college will be untouched. The reviews imposed in each case have been characterized by failures of good process that your negotiators describe as ‘destructive and unnecessary’.

Across our sector, UCU members are making it clear that they are determined to take action to defend jobs and education. At Leeds and Kent, we have won notable successes and convinced management to adopt more constructive approaches that avoid compulsory redundancies and involve engaging with unions in the future.

I know industrial action is an absolute last resort for you and your colleagues, even when jobs are at risk. That is why UCU will do all in its power – as will your local branch officers – to persuade the management to negotiate. I believe that a negotiated solution is still possible at UAL. But that’s why your vote is so important. Every vote counts, and every YES vote strengthens your negotiators’ position.
Please use YOUR vote to support the union, to support colleagues and to defend arts education at UAL. 
Best wishes, 

Sally Hunt
UCU general secretary

If you have not received a ballot paper but believe you should have, or have a query about the ballot, please contact the regional office on 020 7756 2634 or e-mail



As you will know, UAL UCU’s ballot for industrial action is now open. It’s really important that you vote yes to strike action and yes to action short of a strike.

The University management is pressing on with its so-called ‘efficiency programme’, has already cut over 100 academic jobs and is refusing to negotiate with us over a proper redundancy procedure. We believe that the University has also failed to consult meaningfully with staff and students and has not attempted to minimise redundancies.

These cuts are creating confusion, damaging morale and raising workloads for everyone. The quality of arts education in London is being severely damaged. Yet our management refuses to listen to us.

Strike action is always a last resort for UCU but we must send a clear message to our management. If we don’t take action now, our management will continue unchallenged and the damage to our institution and our colleges may be irreparable.

All across the sector, UCU members are fighting back against cuts and management attempts to re-engineer institutions without regard to staff, students or the quality of education.

Unless we send a clear message that we are ready to take action in defence of jobs and arts eduation, we face a future of cuts and rising workloads, management by diktat, and plummeting morale.

You can find a leaflet here with more reasons to VOTE YES. Please download this, make sure it is seen and circulate it round your colleagues:


This is the ballot insert sent to all members balloted. Download it here:


We’ve produced a leaflet here which explains more about the ballot and why you should vote yes to industrial action. Please download this, make sure it is seen and circulate it round your colleagues: